Entertainment Technology Associates Inc
Engineering and systems design for the entertainment industry
Engineering and systems design Consulting
Software analysis, litigation support digital technology consulting


  • Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences
    --- Analysis and Software consulting for the OpenEXR and IIF projects
  • Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP
    --- Software analysis, litigation support
  • Digital Cinema Systems Corporation
    --- Product Development for the Cinema Exhibition Industry
  • CompanyV.com Corp
    Internet Services & Consulting.
  • Avica Technology Corporation
    Provider of technologies and services for Digital Cinema post-production, distribution and exhibition.
  • Autologic Information International
    Software driver development in support of Autologic's family of media servers and digital film printers.
  • Compact Video
    Control systems for post production suites, including audio, video, and telecine. Various specialized software for edit decision list conversion and maintenance. Research and development for digital audio systems.
  • Ediflex/Cinedco/Interfilm
    Design and development of the Audiflex Digital Dialog Editing Workstation. The first digital sound workstation to use on-line re-writable optical disks for sound storage. Design and development of the Optiflex Multitrack Optical Multitrack Optical Audio Recorder. The first digital re-recording system utlizing re-writable and removable magneto-optical disks. Consulting on design of the Ediflex III digital video editing system.
  • MCA/Universal Interactive Media
    Consulting on network and system reliability issues in support of interactive game development.
  • Microsoft
    Consulting on future operating system services and interface issues. Projects include DXMedia and AAF.
  • RGB Optical
    Digital Film image conversion software to transfer files from the Quantel Domino system to Silicon Graphics workstations.
  • Santa Monica College / Academy of Entertainment and Technology
    Network Design, consulting, and support for the Academy of Entertainment and Technology. The AET was founded to teach computer graphics, animation, television, multimedia, themed entertainment, and business skills in partnership with the entertainment industry.
  • Sprocket Digital
    Product development for digital video systems. Project includes user interface, graphics, driver, and database software design for digital error rate measurement systems.
  • Sound Solutions
    Design and implementation of a real-time computer control system and a multi-tasking operating system for home and industrial automation applications.
  • Technicolor
    Specialized SCSI drivers and control system for film imaging project. Translation software for SMPTE Digital Film Image Format.
  • Warner Bros.
    Hardware and software to implement control systems for Warner Bros. Television Network. Specialized interface software for NVision control protocol.